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09664_R_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_A_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_A_1_RL_Cage_Matte_White 09664_B_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_X_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_U_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_O_1_Bontrager_RL_Cage 09664_S_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_K_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_W_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_V_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_T_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage 09664_D_1_RL_Waterbottle_Cage

RL Cage

Manufacturer Bontrager

Where to see/buy/find
Available Colours
Viper Red, Gloss White, Matte White, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Team Green, Volt Green, Waterloo Blue, Sky Blue, Purple Lotus, Roarange, Vice Pink, Bright Silver

The RL bottlecage comes in a variety of colours to match the colours on your bike! It is a great option for bottle retention and comes at a very economical price.

Key Features

  • Super strong and lightweight.
  • Versatile. Suitable for both road and mountain use.
  • Wide variety of colours.
  • Weighs only 38g.