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Rex Rex-01 Rex-02 Rex-03 Rex-04 Rex-black Rex-light-blue Rex-Lime Rex-red Rex-white Rex-cherry-dark-grey Rex-orange-light-blue Rex-orange-rust Rex-orange-dark-green Rex-blue-light-blue Rex-bordeaux-grey-blue Rex-grey-blue Rex-lime-dark-green Rex-white-red


Manufacturer Kask

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Available Colours
Black, Light Blue, Lime, Red, White, Cherry Dark Grey, Orange Light Blue, Orange Rust, Orange Dark Green, Blue Light Blue, Bordeaux Grey Blue, Grey Blue, Lime Dark Green, White Red

Rex is a balance of protection and comfort for causual off road rides to aggressive trail riding and racing! Rex protects the entire head from the temporal bone to the lower occipital. Kask is well known for it's ventilation technologies to optimise the airflow while you ride in the tropical trails and increase the effectiveness to evaporate sweat.