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Women's Night Ride @ West Coast Highway

From April 19, 2018 8:00 pm until April 19, 2018 10:30 pm
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Get your wheels on with Treknology3 Womens Night Ride!

We are rolling out a new night ride series every 3rd Thursday night of the month for all womens cyclist out there. The ride is intended to be a social pace, no drop ride, the idea of the ride is to have fun in a safe and controlled pack.

Our Treknology3 Ambassador, Christina Liew will be leading the ride, with her vast experience in racing bikes, it will be plenty fun and a good chance to chat about bikes and everything under the sun! 

We will use this event page for all the upcoming rides, do check out the event cover photo for the latest details! 

# All riders are to have front and rear blinkers, helmet, hydration, cash for food.
# Helmets are mandatory!
# A safety briefing will be conducted, all participants to inform ride captain if they have a mechanical or require assistance


We have been receiving some enquiries from customers and friends with regards to our rides - a quick FAQ below as a guide:
1) Are only Trek bicycles owner invited?
Answer: Definitely not! The ride is open to owners of all bike brands of all types, not just Trek owners

2) Do I have to be fast and be physically fit to keep up?
Answer: The ride is catered to all ladies of varied fitness levels, our team will be assigned to take care of everyone in the group, the stragglers will be accompanied to the end point, and we leave no one behind!

3) Can I wear slippers during the ride?
Answer: We do not recommend slippers, comfortable sport shoes and/or cycling shoes highly recommended.

4) It's going to be humid, can I not wear a helmet?
Answer: Helmets are mandatory, we cannot emphasize this enough

5) Are only ladies allowed for the ride?
Answer: We do not discourage anyone to join the ride! 

*Note: Ride event will be cancelled if it rains