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Where To Ride In Singapore

Recommended Cycling Routes

Bukit Timah MTB Trail

Mountain, Intermediate

Chestnut South Loop

Mountain, Intermediate

Mandai T15

Mountain, Beginner

Chestnut North Bike Park

Mountain, Intermediate

Ketam MTB Trail

Mountain, Intermediate

Kent Ridge XC

Mountain, Intermediate

Kent Ridge DH

Mountain, Expert

Seletar Loop

Road, Beginner

West Coast Cobra

Road, Intermediate

Round Island Ride

Road, Intermediate



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Location NameType: Road / MTB / LeisureDistanceDifficulty LevelHow to get thereStarting PointEnding Point
Bukit Timah MTB Trail MTB 6.8km Intermediate Hinhede Drive Hinhede Drive Carpark Hinhede Drive Carpark
Chestnut South Loop MTB 1.7km Intermediate Chestnut Nature Park Sunbird Hut Sunbird Hut
Chestnut North Bike Park MTB 8.2km Intermediate Chestnut Nature Park Chestnut Point Chestnut Point
Mandai T15 MTB 4.6km Beginner Mandai Gangsa Intersection Mandai Rd
Ketam MTB Trail MTB 6.5km Intermediate Pulau Ubin Pipip Hut Pipip Hut
Kent Ridge XC MTB 1.6km Intermediate Kent Ridge Nepenthes Trail Carpark Nepenthes Trail Carpark
Kent Ridge DH MTB 0.3km Expert Kent Ridge Nepenthes Trail Carpark Vigilante Dr
Central Catchment Loop Road  37.7km Intermediate Bukit Timah Road Serene Centre Serene Centre
Seletar Loop Road 12.2km Beginner Yishun Ave 1 Yishun Dam Yishun Dam
Mt Faber Climbing Loop Road 1.6km Intermediate Mount Faber Intersection at Mt Faber Loop Intersection at Mt Faber Loop
Tanah Merah Coast Road Road 12.3km Intermediate Changi Village Aviation Park Road Changi Coast Road
West Coast Cobra Road 42.0km Intermediate West Coast Road West Coast Macdonalds West Coast Macdonalds
Round Island Ride Road 130km Intermediate Any Location Any Location Any Location


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