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Brand Ambassadors

Junaidi Hashim

Age: 35
Nationality: Singaporean

"There is no I in our team. We work hard. We race harder. I fell in love with the thrill of a mountain bike in 96. Fast forward to almost 2 decades of racing, I'm still in it and I #CantStop."

  • Former national sprinter (Athletics) from 1989-2004.
  • Multiple Sea Games Medalist.
  • Multiple medalist including 4 gold medals at International meet.
  • Finalist Asian Games 1994
  • Commonwealth Games 1998

"In the early years when I was growing up, I had this childhood dreams, goals and ambitions to be the fastest in Singapore and South-east Asia. Although I was not fast and strong as the other boys, I believed in myself, and after years and years of perseverance, commitment, I achieved my goals in 1989 where I was declared as the fastest schoolboy in Singapore. I was unbeaten for both the 100 & 200m sprints for 3 consecutive years at schools national. At 16, I was selected to represent Singapore at the Sea Games in Kl in 1989.

In 1990 I went a step further by becoming the fastest schoolboy in South-east Asia after winning 2 gold medals at the ASEAN School in Jakarta. In 1994, I was the fastest in the 200m in South-east Asia after winning silver at the Singapore Open.

The rest was history. I won a total of five Sea Games Medal, finalist at the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima and represented Singapore at the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

If you see my life story, I was not even the top 50 in my age group and in sports during the early years. My attitude and character shows that you can never archived your dreams and goals without discipline and self believe.

Off the track, I'm happy go lucky, leading a simple and humble life. For me Sports is not just about medals, it's about the process, challenges, and being tough mentally.

With my life experienced, I am currently giving back to society by coaching and conducting motivational talks, mentoring kids, youth as well as adults. The article attached described one of my characters."


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